what i like:

━ music

━ psychology

━ walking

━ coraline

━ art

about me:

━ Lou/Shio

━ she/they

━ aquarius (feb)

━ 7teen

━ unlabeled

socials (ask):

━ spotify!! (i listen to a lot of music hahah it's kind of a problem tbh but not rlly)

━ spacehey!! (if you wanna go back yk nothing's keeping you here)

━ pinterest!! (is there a max of pins you can save?? cause this is just too addicting)

━ discord!! (not much to say tbf i respond faster on there)


━ i struggle to keep track of new IMs so if you want to talk more and have me answer faster ask for socials!!

━ i ask a lot of questions so bare with me pls i'm a little slow

━ i sometimes go on rants about things that interest me or just go silent cause idk what to say  but i swear i'm friendly <33